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Sky Link Global Group has few branches in Australia, Germany, Turkey, Dubai and Afghanistan which is mainly operating in the section of importing and exporting foods, electric equipments, heaters and dry fruits. We have more than ten years of experience to import and export the products to meet various customer demand as our clients expectations have always been our priority.

We know how to select a product, leverage our brand and evaluate the market to provide our customer the high quality product with affordable prices.

Our major sector of work is Dried Fruits, Juices and different types of Turkish Ovens. Afghan dried fruits and nuts are available at our company in Turkey due to the good market that it has in Turkey and also we have customers of Afghan dry fruits and nuts in Australia.

Turkish Oven has been one of our major strength in Afghanistan market. We could provide high quality Turkish oven to Afghans to keep them warm during cold winters. Construction materials and food items have been the other two main products we import from turkey to help our Afghan customers stay satisfied.

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